Press release: Together, let’s fight against discrimination and block the path of the National Front


                                                                                                Paris, 29 April 2017

Fifteen years after the shock of the 2002 election, the National Front (FN) will once again be present in the second round of the French presidential election: once again the extreme right has a chance of coming to power in our country.

David & Jonathan, a Christian Homosexual Movement open to all, founded in 1972, is a civically minded association, committed to the values of the French Republic: Liberty, Equality and, above all, Fraternity. As an LGBT association we see that in France, like everywhere else, the rejection of others brings only suffering and violence. On the contrary, we believe that the diversity of our opinions, spiritualities, origins and sexualities is an enrichment for society as a whole, as it is for our Churches.

We note that the National Front is a party historically based on discrimination and exclusion of others. The FN specifically threatens to reduce LGBT rights. Under the pretext of ‘national preference’, the FN rejects all people seen as ‘outsiders’. Its values are not ours: they lead to the division of our country, to intolerance and violence.

We call on our members and our partners to summon up energies in the second round of the presidential election, as we have done in recent years, and vote to block the National Front and its ideology of discrimination and rejection.

As a Christian Humanist Movement, we commit ourselves every day to promoting respect and dialogue. And we will continue to do so more than ever.

David & Jonathan’s National Board
Anthony, Denis, Christian, François, Marianne, Marie-Céline, Marie-Hélène and Sébastien


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