Press release – Together, let’s shape the future by refusing the rejection of other people



Paris, 9 April 2017

As the French presidential election approaches, David & Jonathan, like other socially active movements (associations, Churches, trade unions), is worried about the present situation of our country. It is obvious that we are passing through a period of crisis and doubt. Part of the population is faced with unemployment and poverty. Many fellow citizens are suffering and angry. They reject our openness towards Europe and the world, with the idea that this openness harms our standard of living or attracts extremists. Many no longer have confidence in the political personalities that we elected to represent us, as some of them are involved in financial scandals.

In this context, populist movements are exploiting these fears. They divide the population between the “real citizens” and the elite or between the local people and the “outsiders”.

Values such as diversity, openness and international solidarity that characterise our Republic are replaced by the rejection of other people, especially those of Arabic or Muslim origin. Populist parties are even prepared to question our state of law, and introduce some “legal discrimination” discreetly called “national preference”. They call for a strong State that would no longer be obliged to respect the rights of women or minorities. Finally these parties threaten the very well-springs of democracy: legal justice, the press, institutions and human-rights movements, etc.

David & Jonathan, a Christian homosexual movement open to all, founded in 1972, is a socially active association. Its members are strongly attached to humanist and democratic values: openness to others, solidarity with the defenceless, respect for differences, including differences of religion.
With our friends and partners in France and abroad, we are strongly aware of the destructive effects of discrimination, both on mind and body. We are aware that rejection of others causes suffering and violence. We are aware that accepting differences is an enrichment for all: it strengthens us and saves lives.

We want to insist on our attachment to respect for all, especially the defenceless, as we are inspired by the life of Jesus in the Gospels. We believe the diversity of our opinions, our spiritualties, our origins and our sexualities is an enrichment for the whole of society, as it is also for our Churches. Extremist or conservative political parties cannot claim to represent all believers. Most religious believers want to stand up for dialogue and fraternity in our society. David & Jonathan calls on all its members and partners to make themselves heard, both individually and collectively.

During these presidential and parliamentary elections, we call on you, as we have always done, to refuse populisms and extremisms, and all rejection of others, of whatever kind. We want to affirm our desire to live together, with our differences, free and equal. Say ‘no’ to those who spread hatred, put a stop to every threat to our Republic and to our society!


The national Board of David & Jonathan
Anthony, Denis, Christian, François, Marianne, Marie-Céline, Marie-Hélène and Sébastien


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